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Andromeda (engl.)
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Sensors and radars scanning deep space detect a mysterious spaceship. Its callsign does not match any known frequencies, which suggests that the ship may be a wreck of an ancient civilization. Scientists suspect presence of miracles of millennia-old technology more than proper tools to tip the delicate balance of power and guarantee domination in the whole universe!The Galactic Council of Elders decides that the wreck will be explored by a group comprised of representatives of different races. Vessels of all types full of scientists and explorers start towards the ship. Their crews have only one goal to plunder as much data as possible and secure technologies for their races. The chase for knowledge has finally begun!Andromeda is a science-fiction strategic boardgame for 2-4 players. All players become leaders of space races. Each of them explores a spaceship belonging to an ancient civilization, trying to secure long-forgotten data that might help his race in dominating the universe. In order to succeed, players must search new rooms and fulfill available missions that bring them the domination over the ship. However, the competition is fierce, so everyone must act quickly! The key to victory lies in a wise management of available commands and a skillful use of all discovered technologies.The game utilizes the innovative mechanics called I split, you choose, with players choosing which actions will be available to them. A thoughtful division of actions and a smart approach to their assignment to players will lead to the victory of your race! Outsmart your rivals, control the ship and ensure that all technologies hidden on Andromeda will fall into your hands!

Anbieter: Milan Spiele
Stand: May 2, 2017
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