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Come Together (Spiel)
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Do you know all four Beatles? Who was the drummer for the Sex Pistols? Play Come Together to test your knowledge of the world´s greatest rock bands or effortlessly learn a little music trivia. Collect illustrated cards of fifty-two iconic rock stars and arrange them in their groups to win. The accompanying booklet relates the fascinating stories behind each band. Based on Go Fish, this game is the perfect gift for all rock fans of all ages.

Stand: 23.05.2019
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Since the Sirens: Sirens of the Zombie Apocalyp...
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Banished by bad decisions to spend the summer with his great-grandmother, Liam Peters thinks his life is over. After all, Marty Peters is a tough woman to be around. Maybe she wouldn´t be so bad if she´d just take an interest in the modern technology he loves. Sure, she has some insight to her...but the woman is practically ´´pushing daisies´´. Not surprisingly, as tornado sirens announce a city-wide emergency, Liam discovers why that term should be the plague. When Grandma Marty tries to send him on his way, refusing to abandon her home, Liam sees his situation in a new light. Something deep inside awakens - and he chafes at the thought of leaving his 104-year-old grandmother to die. Armed with two tiny pistols and an arsenal of knowledge from his overwhelming zombie book collection, Liam realizes he could be the hero and accomplish the impossible: rescue her. With the interstate gridlocked, opportunist criminals looking to take what they can get, law enforcement desperate to keep the peace, and the military declaring St. Louis a war-zone, Liam and Marty find themselves wrapped up in a world of chaos and panic. But when the zombies begin to overshadow everything else, Liam comes to appreciate why there are no atheists in foxholes. Since the Sirens is the gripping first installment of E. E. Isherwood´s hit post-apocalyptic series Sirens of the Zombie Apocalypse. If you like to watch society collapse, zombie hordes bear down on the heroes, and skin-of-teeth escapes, you won´t be able to pause this awesome story! 1. Language: English. Narrator: Nancy Peterson. Audio sample: Digital audiobook in aax.

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Stand: 29.03.2019
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